Unity Technology Institute

Unity Technology Institute , initiated by Govt registered organization, to conduct full/short term courses for the students in these far flung, rural & district areas of the country. It is only to make Information Technology as a basic knowledge to people of Rural & Urban area to participate in mass movement towards The Unique Foundation.
Today, with the advantage of Internet, E-mail services & E-commerce, information retrieval has come below within the reach of everyone. Information has become a key for taking many decisions in corporate world. Now a days computer has changed life style of every field, specially Banks, Airlines, Railway & Scientific/Research deptts. To give good momentum in making India as super power. IT education are so essential for all Indian or to bring rural area in this mission to make complete The Unique Foundation. To make the mission more effective, Unity Technology Institute decided to contribute their efforts for the The Unique Foundation.
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Program Objective

The objective of Unity Technology Institute is to impart basic information about necessity of computer literacy in various field, with quality knowledge in very affordable fees with cost free course material to help a major aspirant along with SC/ST/ Handicapped with a special facilities to them to participate in making The Unique Foundation. Also decided to associate every class of Indian to participate in Movement & enjoy the actual utilities of computer in very low cost. The Motto" IT LITERACY FOR ALL BY 2020 " Our Course Criteria for Long & Short term courses are launched after an initial deep survey to meet & fulfil all related requirement of students.

  • To provide professional education.
  • To improve efficiency & enhancement in IT knowledge.
  • To built a career for self employment.

Acquiring Focus

Any rural IT intervention, which also claims to become self sustainable, will have to grapple with hard realities prevailing at the ground level. The point of intervention have chosen carefully. Rather than focusing on Developed or software exporter cities and towns, the intervention should concentrate on block level, panchayat level & district level.

Training Methodology

IT Courses requires proper Guidance & Teaching procedure, which will be based on.

  • Regular Classes / Training.
  • Highly Qualified Instructor / Faculty.
  • Provide material for Lab.
  • Assist. / Self Study.
  • Counselor available at study centre to provide required guidance for selection of their courses and students progress. ? Fully equipped computer lab for training..
  • As per different national language used in school & colleges, course materials will be provided in English to cover maximum benefits to students . Basically the entire course materials are designed in English for state in the English region, and Hindi course material for other states and regional language..

Other Available Facilities

To make the project more popular & effective Unity Technology Institute is taking assistance from other trust as well as Government Organisation for propagating the project. The training programmes will be implemented in district, tehsil and block levels through authorised study centres & supervised by Corporate Office situated at Uttar Pradesh.